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Combine several Internet lines for high data rates and redundancy

Swiss network operator Monzoon Networks AG is offering a bundling solution for several Internet links (DSL, Fibre/FTTH, Cable, LTE/3G/GPRS, etc.) to one single high speed Internet connection with high redundancy.

The CombiLink service of Monzoon is being hosted at a data center near Zurich, Switzerland and is based on technology of the German system specialist Viprinet®

highest availability

high bandwidth, as all connected lines are being bundled

safe and secure network coverage

low cost, as cheap lines can be used instead of costly high SLA lines

worldwide availability

Swiss data service and IP addresses, German technology

All available WAN technologies are being bundled through a multichannel VPN router generating a single, highly available network connection. This multichannel technology generates a real time bundling of all connected Internet lines. CombiLink is able to combine any type of Internet connection (ADSL, SDSL, 3G/HSPA+, LTE, GPRS, Cable, etc.) offering one single Internet line at the LAN interface. This provides the total capacity of up-/downstream bandwidths of for Internet connection. Encryption is available for the connection between the on-site router at customer premises and the centralized backend in Switzerland.

Such bundling concept can save a lot of money due to the use of cheap Internet lines instead of costly, high availability Internet connections. Underlying Internet lines can be exchanged at any time without interrupting the CombiLink service or changing IP addresses for local LAN or servers.

Our service offering:

There are 2 service modules necessary

CombiLink Backend

CombiLink On-Site

We operate our CombiLink Backend service out of our data center near Zurich, Switzerland. No customer investments are necessary for this part of the overall solution.

CombiLink Backend Service: (all prices include Swiss VAT - deductable for international customers)

Set-up Fee: 640.- CHF (one time)

Transmission Fee:

20 Mbit/s 90.- CHF/month

50 Mbit/s 190.- CHF/month

100 Mbit/s 290.- CHF/month

other/higher bandwidths: please ask

1 static public IP address included

option: subnet of 8 public IP addresses: 40.-CHF/month

CombiLink On-Site:

For the CombiLink On-Site service module customers are free to use their own, existing or newly purchased Viprinet® multichannel router. You will receive the relevant configuration parameters after ordering the CombiLink Backend Service. No additional cost beyond CombiLink Backend Service fees occur, when using your own Viprinet® On-Site router.

Depending on local requirements plenty of different Viprinet® router solutions are available. We have provided one example of a Viprinet® Model 300 multichannel router, which can host up to 3 access modules (e.g. LAN to Cable Internet, LAN to ADSL, 3G).

For the CombiLink On-Site module Monzoon is offering solutions for purchase or rent. The following overview is an example for your reference:

Purchase: (all prices include Swiss VAT - deductable for international customers)

Router base shelf Model 300:
1'650.- CHF

Ethernet module (e.g. to connect to Cable or DSL Internet):
270.- CHF per module

3G module:
550.- CHF per module

Configuration Fee (not relevant if you do configuration yourself):
640.- CHF

Rental offer: please contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we are happy to tailor our solution to your requirements. Contact form. Or just call +41 43 5000 470.


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